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The good Always look for the good in others

I ve no idea where you are taking me but I trust you

Find out who you really are everything else is a water of time

And the solution to all your problems Is Krishna

choosing the right over the pleasant is a sign of power

Krishna I am yours don’t give me back to me

hell had three entrances greed anger and excitement

A guy is Made by his belief as he thinks so he becomes

There are three gates to self destructive hell lust anger and greed

One who sees inaction in action and action in inaction he is a smart man

Beautiful Good Morning Krishna Images Download

The only way you can conquer me is via love and three I am happily conquered

You have the right to work but never to the fruits of work

perform your obligatory duty because action is indeed better than inaction

Set your heart upon your work but never its reward

Perform your obligatory duty because action is indeed better than inaction

Among all kinds of killers time is the ultimate because time kills everything

set your heart upon work but never its reward

the key to happiness is the reduction of desires

a man is made by his belief as he believes so he because

don’t be afraid you have me

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